Roy first became interested in magic at five or six when uncles would make small coins vanish and reappear. In the days of television variety shows there would often be a magician and Roy would try to work out how things were done. In those days magicians seemed very mysterious, and learning the art seemed even more so.

Inspired by some of Britain’s first television magic performers including Paul Daniels, David Nixon, Tommy Cooper and the international guests on their shows, Roy remembers doves appearing from handkerchiefs and balloons and other impossible places. One of Roy’s favourites to this day is watching fans of playing cards appear from nowhere into the magician’s hand that are thrown into a hat or a box or just onto the stage floor only to be replaced by more fans of cards repeated over and over.

When Roy lived in South Africa he attended Johannesburg Magic Circle where he started to learn the art from professionals. Since moving back to England Roy has performed on stage, at restaurants, private parties and weddings, and has been guest speaker and given demonstrations to groups.

Roy believes that magic should be fun for all. He will mingle humour with the impossible so that your experience will be one of enjoyment and wonder.

Roy does magic in your own hands or mind, and you become part of the magic. Something you are holding may change into something else or disappear altogether. It could be a card or a coin or a piece of rope, just everyday objects that you have at home or with you at the time.

You may be thinking of something or someone and Roy can tell you what or who it is. You might read a random section from a book or just choose one word and he will know what you are thinking. Of course mind reading and precognition, or extra sensory perception, are more intimate and are best demonstrated to smaller groups, away from background noise or interruptions, where the ambiance is more suited to concentration and focus and where the group can witness the effect on one or more individuals at a time.

Take a look at the photos from some of Roy’s performances and imagine that’s you having wholesome individual entertainment that you will remember for ages.

Roy’s epitaph will be; HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

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